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Most people have the misconception that hypnosis puts you in deep sleep and you are under the control of another person. Hypnosis is in truth a mental state wherein the conscious mind is deeply relaxed and you deal with the subconscious mind. It is inaccurate to say that you are in a trance like state when under hypnosis as you are aware of things and is just in an extreme relaxed state. In a hypnotic state, you link with your subconscious mind, which stores the long-term memories.

You get yourself to a hypnotic state if you are relaxed and there are instances in a day that you are in this condition. When you are so immersed on reading a book that you are unaware of your surroundings, you are entering a state of hypnosis. When you are driving and you have reached your destination without consciously checking where you are going, your subconscious mind has been working.

If you want to undergo hypnosis, you can go to a trained professional. However, you are can also do self-hypnosis if you want to and there are courses you can take to help you with this. Should you want to undergo hypnosis as a form of treatment for your medical condition, it is always best to go to a trained professional first. The first couple of sessions can help you gauge if this method would work for you and learn from it. Doing so would help you do hypnosis on your own. A hypnotic suggestion given while under a hypnotic state can help deal with your subconscious and any underlying cause of your medical condition.

While hypnosis has been in practice for more than a century, the experts are still in quandary as to how a person gets into a hypnotic state. All they know is that the condition exists and most can be brought to that state. As much as hypnosis can help treating psychological and emotional disorders, only a few medical professionals have incorporated hypnosis in treating medication conditions. It usually works together with other forms of medical treatment. Hypnosis is effective in cases where there is an underlying psychological problem connected to the medical condition, as most believe that the mind affects the body and vice-versa. This has been proven in clinical studies and hypnosis has indeed help improve a person’s wellbeing.

There are medication conditions that dos not respond well to other forms of treatment but do so with hypnosis. There are also certain conditions that hypnosis provides a boost to the medical treatment the patient is currently undergoing. Medical practitioners who believe in the holistic approach to treating their patients encourage hypnosis as an additional form of treatment. Asthma and even pain resulting from surgical procedures such as bone marrow procedures or even simple stitching of wounds can be treated with hypnosis. There are even those who prefer undergoing hypnosis rather than taking anesthesia before surgical procedures. This is especially true for those who have allergic reactions to anesthesia and hypnosis is the better alternative.

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Hypnosis - Self Improvement

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Hypnosis - Self Improvement

This article was published on 2012/04/20